Abu Dhabi concerns law on divorce, inheritance for non-Muslims

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The cash of the United Arab Emirates has issued new guidelines governing divorce, inheritance and boy or girl custody for non-Muslims in Abu Dhabi, the country’s state-operate information company noted.

The report Sunday by the WAM news company reported Abu Dhabi would build a new court to deal with these conditions, which will be held in the two Arabic and English to be improved comprehended by the emirate’s vast overseas employee populace.

Modify in kid custody will permit mothers and fathers to share joint custody of their kids, WAM documented. The law also introduces the concept of civil marriage, makes it possible for wills to be drawn up granting inheritance to whomever a person chooses and discounts with paternity issues.

Abu Dhabi is 1 of seven sheikhdoms that make up the UAE and the new law influences only this sheikhdom. Even though the oil-wealthy emirate is the money of the nation, Abu Dhabi’s inhabitants is dwarfed by that of neighboring Dubai.

The new law will come following authorities very last year explained they would overhaul of the country’s Islamic own guidelines, enabling unmarried partners to cohabitate, loosening alcohol restrictions and criminalizing so-known as “honor killings.” Abu Dhabi also finished its liquor license process in September 2020. The UAE as a entire in September of this year declared nevertheless one more system to encourage its economic system and liberalize stringent residency procedures for foreigners.

Conventional Islamic values stay robust in the federation. The around 1 million Emiratis in the UAE, a hereditarily ruled nation extensive criticized for its suppression of dissent, carefully toe the authorities line. Political events and labor unions remain unlawful.