Joe Rogan bets $100 Will Smith will get divorced this 12 months

This year’s Oscars ceremony took an sudden change when Will Smith finished up slapping Chris Rock right after a joke about Smith’s wife. Pursuing that, items only spiraled out of handle. Joe Rogan a short while ago made an intriguing wager as very well.

Several people reacted to Will Smith’s steps, and views had been obviously divided. Jada Pinkett Smith also expressed regret that Will Smith ended up slapping Chris Rock, which infuriated quite a few followers.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage has experienced many ups and downs. Numerous fans have also speculated on no matter whether the two will divorce, believing that Will Smith warrants superior.

During the 148th episode of the Patrick Guess-David Podcast, Wager-David discovered that Joe Rogan had positioned a $100 wager that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith would divorce.

What precisely did Joe Rogan say?

This is an excerpt from the discussion on the Patrick Bet-David Podcast, which we insert entire after the bounce:

  • Wager-David:”There was a 100-greenback bet that was produced,”
  • Guest: The guest questioned, “You and Joe Rogan?”
  • Guess-David: “We made a bit and the guess was what in just 12 months, there is certainly gonna be a divorce or there is certainly not gonna be a divorce.”
  • Guest: “You stated that there is heading to be a divorce.”
  • Guess-David: “I wager on the 100-dollar divorce.”
  • Visitor: “And Rogan mentioned, no?”
  • Bet-David: “I stated no one’s eager to choose me on this, but he [Rogan] claims I’ll guess you. Let us bet 100 bucks. Appropriate?”
  • Guest: “So, you and Joe Rogan threw down a lofty 100-dollar guess!”

We will have to wait around and see if Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith finish up divorcing in the foreseeable future. Many enthusiasts would be relieved if that took place.